Clean and Clear window cleaning with These Simple Steps

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clean and clear window cleaning

Windows are one of the most overlooked parts of your home when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, but they’re also one of the most exposed. With dirt, grime, bird droppings, tree sap, dust, pollen, and other pollutants making their way onto your windows on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that you’ve got spots that can’t be removed or that your windows are no longer as clear as they used to be. So that Clean and Clear window cleaning with These Simple Steps.

Use These Tips When Cleaning Your Windows

AChoosing a sunny day to clean your windows.
BSpraying cleaner on top of dirt and dust
CSkimping on window cleaner.
DUse an old cotton rag to dry your windows.
Eavoids using squeegees, especially for small panes
FCleaning all your windows in one day.

DIY Window Cleaner

As you might have guessed, DIY doesn’t mean you’ll need to buy a lot of new products. One simple recipe for homemade window cleaner includes just two common household items—water and vinegar—and you probably already have them on hand. Mix equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle, then mist your windows until they are completely covered. The solution works best when allowed to sit for about 10 minutes before wiping it off with newspaper or paper towels.

Clean and Clear window cleaning

Newspaper Trick

A great way to Clean and Clear window cleaning quickly is to use old newspapers. Tear a piece of newspaper into 2-inch wide strips, dip it in water and some mild detergent, then go over your windows gently. This will help get off those tough smudges and leave them sparkling clean!


Squeegee Method

The first way to Clean and Clear window cleaning without leaving streaks is using a squeegee. This method requires you to use a bucket of water mixed with an appropriate amount of vinegar. First, wipe down your windows using paper towels. Then apply a small amount of liquid soap onto your squeegee and carefully slide it across your panes from top to bottom. The soap helps break up dirt, grime, and other residues that could otherwise leave unsightly streaks on the glass.

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The Ultimate Guide to Clean and Clear window cleaning

clean your outside windows so you are going to need

  • a bucket
  • dish soap
  • dish rinse aid a squeegee
  • microfiber cloths
  • a sponge
  • plastic dough scraper

 So first you just mix in hot water the dish soap and a little bit of rinse aid just to make sure that no water spots or streaks are on the windows at the end and you just filling that up you gonna want a lot of microfiber cloths because you’re gonna use that for every single window the sponge is for the base of the windows and then  got this squeegee at Walmart
and you’ll link that below it is really great and even has an extendable pole for it so once your bucket is ready to go

we are heading outside and you gonna work in a vertical motion up and down
the windows and make the entire windows completely sunny you want lots of soap
on lots of suds so scrub scrub scrub and this is the point where if you see anything tough that is marked on the window take that dough scraper and just scrape that off while you’re at it once you have scrubbed nice and clean you’re going to take the squeegee and work the opposite directions so horizontally overlapping the squeegee every time working from up down so this is gonna make sure that no falling water streets come down on your freshly clean.

window once you’re done that go ahead and grab a microfiber cloth and just go around the outside of the window or anywhere where you see water drops you try to stick just the outside for the cleanest results if you have a huge door or window always feel free to switch your squeegee upside down so that you’re not straining your back after a
a full day of Clean and Clear window cleaning so just slip it down to get the bottom flip it upright to get the rest and then always go the opposite way that you scrubbed with the squeegee 

so go ahead and use a microfiber cloth to get around all the edges and where that door handle is where the squeegee can’t fit into now using the same solution going to do the door cells so using sponge wiping that down and then actually using the dough scraper to get in all the little grooves and get all the dirty water and the crud that gets stuck in tiny spots
then using the microfiber cloth just to wipe everything away might take a couple of times to Clean and Clear window cleaning but the results are great.