How to Stop Door Slamming _10 Ways to Stop Door Slamming

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Door Slamming

Your door slamming habit may not seem like a big deal, but it can impact those around you in ways you might not expect. Door slamming makes your home feel less safe and peaceful, can ruin the integrity of your doors, and even cause costly injury to pets and children if they happen to be nearby when you slam the door. To learn how to stop door slamming, here are 10 practical tips you can use today.


1. Use a Cushioned Felt Strip

installing a cushioned felt strip along your door frame can reduce impact damage by up to 60 percent. Even better, it’s super cheap and easy. A set of 24 pre-cut strips runs about £10 on Amazon, and installation is as simple as gluing them in place. You may also want to take a look at Stormshield Doors which are used by many high-end hotels for their added security.


2. Replace the Hings

Improperly installed door hinges can make your door unbalanced, causing it to break on its own. You can tighten the hinge screws, but if they are worn you need to replace them.

In that case, remove and replace one occupation at a time. Start by changing the first one and opening it with the door frame and the door. Next, check the alignment with the help of the surface and adjust the hinges to make it completely vertical. Do the same with the other two hinges.


3. Add Weather Stripping

If you’re looking for a cheap, easy fix, try weather stripping. Simply place it around your door frame to reduce drafts in the room and keep doors from slamming shut. Weatherstripping is a quick fix that will cost you less than£20 per door. Plus, depending on how many doors you need to weatherstrip (or how drafty your home is), you may see an instant increase in your energy bill.

4.Talk To Your Children

To stop door slamming in their tracks, talk to your children about their behavior. If they want their siblings out of their room, then tell them that they can let their brothers and sisters in later by knocking on the door or asking someone to open it for them. But if they don’t want anyone else in there when they feel like being alone, then you need to respect that desire too. There are times when we all just need some quiet space!

5.Place Something On The Door That Will Hinder A Slamming Door

t’s far more effective to prevent a door from slamming by placing something on it. You can use washers, bungee cords, or even small trays that you can place items on top of. While these will not prevent a door from slamming completely, they do make it less likely.

6.Secure The Bottom Of The Door With A Nail Or Screw

When a door slams, it can do a lot of damage. Make sure that you’ve secured all of your doors on your property. This way, if something gets blown in from outside and hits one of your doors, they won’t come crashing down. Use long nails or screws instead of latches or deadbolts so you can make sure that nothing is keeping your door shut when it should be open. This will prevent slamming and keep intruders out of your home.

7. Drill A Hole In The Door And Install A Door Plug

A door plug is a cheap, effective way to keep your door from slamming. All you need is a drill and one of those plastic door stoppers that many hotels use. You can find them on Amazon for less than £5 or at any hardware store. Drill a hole in your door about 2-3 inches above your doorknob and push in one of these stoppers. When you close your door, simply flip down the knob inside—it’ll hold open even when slammed!

8. Install A Door Stopper

Installing a door stopper will stop door slamming for good. A simple installation that’s hardly noticeable, you won’t have to worry about looking for a toolbox when guests arrive. In addition, these devices are often painted in colors of your choice so that they match your house’s interior!

9. Secure The Top Of The Door With A Nail Or Screw

A simple way to stop door slamming is to find something that will wedge under or through your door’s hinges. This will prevent your door from slamming shut. With a little thought, you can secure your door in just about any place with a screw or nail. Just don’t use anything too big, as it may cause problems later on.

10. Attach The Bottom Of The Door Into The Frame With Lumber Straps

Door slamming is very annoying and a huge waste of time. Put some lumber straps at the bottom of your door, to stop it from slamming. This will save you both time and energy.